General Resources

General Resources

From classroom displays to children’s literature and more. This is the place to find our Positive Education resources that aren’t specific to one particular topic.

A Peek at My Day

With many of our schools transitioning back to face-to-face learning, we have created a free PEEC resource: A Peek at My Day. We hope it helps facilitate dialogue and reflection, to aid and support the wellbeing of your students. Parents and teachers alike might also find this to be a helpful conversation starter with their young ones. 

Printable Posters

These printable posters are designed for display in your classroom, office areas or school hallways. Featuring famous quotes from literature and from variety of people, they are designed to act as a prompt for further thought and an inspiration for all who read them.

PEEC Lessons – More Coming Soon…

We have written lessons for ‘special days’ and are also creating some ‘Introduction to Positive Education’ lessons for you to use.

The lessons for special days can be used to focus on a theme related to Positive Education as part of a nationally or internationally recognised day such as World Mental Health Day.

PEEC Story Time

We have filmed some read-aloud versions of some of our favourite Positive Education picture books.

Please note: these recordings will only be available during the COVID-19 pandemic, due to copyright restrictions.

PEEC at Home

PEEC at Home

Our PEEC at Home resources are designed to strengthen home-school connections, and to enhance parents’ and guardians’ awareness and understanding of Positive Education.

Teachers might like to use these resources as:

  • optional homework activities,
  • part of an ongoing student project, or
  • activities to enhance their own family’s wellbeing.


These printable activities are self-explanatory, making them an ideal independent activity for students to use at home. In addition, each of these resources contains a short summary of relevant wellbeing research for the benefit of parents and guardians.

Age Groups

A suggested age range is provided for each activity.


As always, our PEEC resources can be adapted to suit your context.