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There are a number of wellbeing curriculums available, so why should you choose ours?

Our curriculum has been piloted across all Geelong Grammar School campuses, as well as in both government and non-government schools in Australia and overseas. PEEC is an exclusive curriculum and has been written by teachers – for teachers in consultation with renowned researchers in the field of Positive Education. These teachers have used their collective practice wisdom to help mould and shape PEEC into what it is today.

Based on science

Our curriculum content is firmly based on the science of wellbeing, underpinned by research in the fields of Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy.

Developmentally Appropriate

Teach concepts and activities that are developmentally appropriate for the social and emotional development of children at different ages and stages. We have created a sequential Positive Education curriculum based on your students’ developmental stages from Early Learning (four years old) through to Year 12 (18 years old).

Curriculum Mapping

Our curriculum aligns with the IB programme (PYP, MYP and DP), Early Years Learning Framework, Social and Emotional Learning and the Australian Curriculum. This means these frameworks complement our curriculum, rather than compete with it.

Scientific Summaries

Need to refresh your understanding of ‘Resilience’ or ‘Flow’? Our one-page summaries condense key research into an easy-to-read guide so you can feel well-equipped to teach the content with confidence. We’ve also provided literature reviews on key Positive Education topics for you to read. Your PEEC licence will also include access to a series of 24 short, informative videos that summarise the theory underpinning each Enrichment Module*.

Flexible Lessons

Lesson delivery and timing is completely flexible because our lessons aren’t scripted and activities don’t include mandated timing. Tailor our classes based on your students’ needs by using our Teaching Tools to easily change activities, leave out activities or opt to extend them.

Flexible Topics

Each learning opportunity can be taught as a stand-alone lesson. This means that you’re able to teach our Enrichment Modules (topics) in whatever order makes the most sense for your particular context.

Extra Content

Use our ‘Boost It!’™ option as a take-home activity or to expand the lesson so that, in combination with all the activities provided, each lesson easily becomes two!

Save Time

The legwork has been done for you! With the equivalent of over 580 lessons (in the full version from Early Learning-Year 12) already prepared, you can focus your time and energy on your students, rather than on curriculum creation.

Bonus Material

Although our curriculum is hands-on and interactive in nature, we do provide worksheets and scaffolds that can be used as part of your lessons.

Extra Resources

Need a great picture book on the topic of ‘Mindsets’? Our curriculum appendix includes a number of helpful resources, including an extensive list of children’s literature that can be used across our different Enrichment Modules.

We also have a range of Positive Education resources that are only available to our PEEC Community. These include:

  • Brain Break and Mindful Moment animations
  • printable Positive Education posters for your classroom
  • short yoga videos for use with your class*
  • printable Brain Break posters
  • an online discussion board for PEEC teachers
  • recorded PEEC story time videos featuring some of our favourite picture books**
  • yoga games and posters
  • printable mindfulness colouring pages

Additional Support

In addition to a pre-recorded one-hour ‘how to’ webinar that steps your teachers through how to use the website, your school would also have access to a scheduled half-hour live webinar*** about PEEC. Held several times a year, these webinars are designed specifically for schools and teachers who are new to PEEC. They are a great way to learn more about PEEC or to ask our curriculum writers any questions.

All the teachers in our PEEC Community are given access to a Professional Learning course about PEEC. The course consists of four professionally produced videos that act as an introductory guide to our curriculum.

Assessment Opportunities

Use the included assessment opportunities to gauge students’ understanding through formative and summative assessments.

Further Resources

Want to energise your class, enhance positive emotions, encourage positive relationships or help your students be more centred and calm? We have a range of affordable, complementary resources that are designed to enhance the delivery of our curriculum, such as our ‘Brain Breaks’ and ‘Mindful Moments’ pocketbooks.

*currently in production

**only available during the COVID-19 pandemic

***For a limited time only