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PEEC is a research-based explicit Positive Education curriculum that has been developmentally sequenced from Early Learning (age four) through to Year 12. The curriculum is built on eleven years of experience with Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School (GGS) and is designed in consultation with world-renowned researchers in the field of positive psychology.

This curriculum has already been piloted throughout all of our campuses here at GGS, and at schools both nationally and internationally.

PEEC is not a replacement for the implicit Positive Education that takes place every day through pastoral care, coaching, teaching and every interaction that teachers have with their students. Rather, it is an explicit curriculum designed for schools to lead dedicated Positive Education classes, where students can be taught the key concepts of wellbeing so they can live healthy and fulfilling lives.

We recognise that every classroom is different. The relationship and rapport that teachers have with their students is the best Positive Education tool available, and that’s why it is important to customise these lessons to best suit the needs of your students.

For this reason, lessons are not scripted, nor do they include suggested times. These lessons are well-researched and provide an opportunity for teachers to create a safe environment for their students to flourish.

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For any further information about PEEC and other teacher training and resources please contact institutecurriculum@ggs.vic.edu.au