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Our PEEC Student Wellbeing Diaries provide your students with research-based wellbeing information and activities to help them flourish throughout the year. With individual diaries created for Foundation – Year 12 (ages 5-18), we have ensured the content will be age-appropriate and engaging.

The diaries are based on the Institute of Positive Education’s Positive Education Enhanced Curriculum (PEEC) – a research-based, explicit Positive Education curriculum that has been developmentally sequenced from Early Learning (four years old) through to Year 12 (18 years old). PEEC is firmly based on the science of wellbeing, underpinned by research in the fields of Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural sciences, and Neuroscience.

Our PEEC Student Wellbeing Diaries combine the function and organisation of a normal student diary with research-based materials and activities that align with a different Positive Education theme every week, including Grit and Persistence, Flow, Mindsets, Kindness, Emotional Intelligence, and Physical Wellbeing.

Every week, students are provided with resources such as:

Example of weekly diary spread for Years 7-12
  • vital information designed to enhance their wellbeing,
  • a ‘Top Tip’ to help them act on this information,
  • scannable QR codes so they can watch related video content,
  • a thematic song to listen to,
  • a ‘Random Act of Kindness’ idea,
  • space for notes and drawing,
  • mindfulness colouring,
  • an inspiring quote,
  • space to write 3 good things that happened that week,
  • smiley-face mood tracker to circle to summarise how they feel about their week, and
  • a sleep tracker to note how many hours of sleep they’re getting each night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is PEEC?

A: PEEC stands for Positive Education Enhanced Curriculum. It is a research-based explicit Positive Education curriculum that has been developmentally sequenced from Early Learning (age four) through to Year 12. It is designed to support schools to lead dedicated Positive Education classes, where students can be taught the key concepts of wellbeing so they can live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Q: Does my school have to be part of the PEEC Community in order to use these diaries?

A: Not at all – the diaries have been designed as both standalone products and as an accompaniment to PEEC. The content is designed to be self-guided and is self-explanatory. No further teaching is required in order for students to benefit from using these wellbeing diaries.

Q: How do the PEEC lessons align with the diaries?

A: The weekly wellbeing materials are aligned with the content in our PEEC lessons. PEEC is designed for you to teach one of our lessons every fortnight*. Therefore, we have created two weeks’ worth of wellbeing materials in our diaries for every one lesson plan provided.

* With the option to use the ‘Boost It’ sections to expand this to one lesson a week.

Q: Can I match the order of the wellbeing topics in the PEEC Student Wellbeing Diaries with the order in which I’m teaching different wellbeing topics?

A: Absolutely – this would be the ideal approach, ensuring the topics that students are learning about in class are being directly reinforced through the content in their student diaries.

Example of monthly calendar pages

Q: How do I align our PEEC programme with the Student Wellbeing Diaries?

A: Login to our PEEC website. Use the lesson titles chart in our Introduction Section to allocate the lessons to a specific year level before placing the lessons for each year level in order. Then use the “PEEC diary” enquiry form at the bottom of the page. The team at Print and Marketing Services will use your form to place the corresponding pages in the PEEC Student Diary in the order specified.

Q: Do I have to align the topics in the PEEC Student Wellbeing Diaries with my wellbeing programme?

A: Not at all – we have already created a suggested sequence in our diaries for every year level in order to save you time.

Q: We’ve had student diaries in the past and we have been able to customise the front cover, include school copy front pages, school calendar events, timetables, and supplementary materials, can we still do this?

A: Yes – the PEEC Student Wellbeing Diaries are able to be customised to suit your school context, providing your students with any additional information that could be of further support.

Q: How much does the diary cost?

A: The price for the 2021 PEEC Student Wellbeing Diaries is AUD$20.00 each + GST.  Minimum order quantities apply.

Q: How much does it cost for delivery?

A: Delivery to the school is an additional cost and is quoted on quantity ordered and location.

Q: How long does it take to produce the diaries?

A: Production time is four weeks from approved artwork.

Q: Is there a separate artwork cost to have a custom front cover and school copy front pages?

A: All artwork is included in the price.

For more information, or to receive a quote, please visit the PEEC Student Wellbeing Diary website and fill in the contact form.