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Here at the Institute of Positive Education, our desire is to help schools place wellbeing at the heart of education. Therefore, when it comes to our Positive Education Enhanced Curriculum (PEEC), we want to help schools ensure they are best positioned to successfully engage in explicit Positive Education lessons.  

Although we believe teaching Positive Education concepts to our students is of vital importance, it is only one aspect of a whole school approach, as described by our ‘Learn, Live, Teach, Embed’ model. This is why we have introduced an application form, which requires previous knowledge of Positive Education, for schools wanting to apply for PEEC.

Please note that by filling in this form, you are committing to purchase PEEC should your application be accepted. For pre-purchase enquiries, please contact

Which version of the Positive Education Enhanced Curriculum does your school require? (Please note that you will be invoiced for the product selected and that the prices in this list refer to the initial licensing fee. See our prices page for ongoing licensing fee costs).

Please enter the details of the primary contact overseeing the Positive Education Curriculum, or your Head of Wellbeing.

Please indicate on the form below whether the person above has completed:

A Discovering Positive Education course:
A Discovering More Positive Education course:
An undergraduate degree in Psychology:
A Certificate in Positive Psychology:
A Masters of Applied Positive Psychology:

Wellbeing curriculum training:
Please enter the name of this wellbeing curriculum:

A one-day IoPE course:
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A PESA Conference:
A Positive Schools Conference:
Another Positive Education Conference:
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Professional reading, eg. Positive Education: The Geelong Grammar School JourneyFlourish, Positive Psychology in a Nutshell, relevant journal articles, etc.:

I acknowledge that PEEC will be delivered through a digital, web-based platform and that the Institute of Positive Education is unable to assist with any associated I.T. support. I understand that, if I.T. support is required to enable access to the digital platform, my school has I.T. personnel available who will provide assistance.

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