Thank you for purchasing a licence to use our Positive Education Enhanced Curriculum (PEEC). PEEC is a research-based, developmentally sequenced, explicit positive education curriculum for early learning and school students.

Nik at a desk looking at a computer

In order to give your teachers access to the website, we need your school to download the CSV below and enter the following details:

  • first name,
  • last name, and
  • work email address.

As you’d be aware, the PEEC Terms and Conditions provide for:

  • 1 initial upload of teachers (for new schools), and
  • 1 annual update.

To help your school make the most of these opportunities, please:

  • include all teachers and additional staff who require access to PEEC (there is no limit on the number of teachers you include),
  • ensure all email addresses are spelled correctly, and
  • make sure the email addresses for new teachers/staff members are active.

If email addresses are incorrect or not active, those logins cannot be created, which will result in delayed access for your whole school.

If you are an existing PEEC school that wants to update your teachers’ access to the website, please ensure that your CSV does not contain details pertaining to people who already have access to the website, otherwise duplicate accounts will be created and their passwords will be unexpectedly reset.

Once your CSV is complete, please save the file as a CSV and ensure the file name contains the name of your school, e.g. Happy Primary School.csv

The completed CSV can then be sent to:

Once we have received your school’s completed CSV, your teachers will be sent an introductory email as soon as possible so they are well-prepared to access the new site. (The lead PEEC contact for your school will be the main contact for this email, so they are aware of our communications).

Your teachers will then receive a second email once your school’s details have been uploaded to the website. This second email will contain a link to their login, their username and an automatically generated password. Your teachers are then able to use the new PEEC website. They can also reset their password at any time using the website.

Your teachers will also receive a link to our recent PEEC Website Walkthrough Webinar. Watching this recording would be helpful for you and your teachers as you prepare to explore this platform. The webinar explains how to log in, reset your password and find the resources you need in order to teach the lessons.

All the best as you continue to explore this resource!

Please note: If you cannot see the downloaded CSV, please check the download bar in your browser or the ‘Downloads’ folder on your computer.